The Fall Guys


The Drabek job was simple; get in, get out, nothing fancy, nothing special.
It was all going swimmingly, Krusk Facebreaker was watching the door in-case of sudden Imperial Police presence. Alleah Bravedance was keeping the hired security busy with her feminine wiles. While Alleah’s comm and cut out right in the middle of job, it was chalked up to electronic interference due to security measures in the other part of the building she was in. Fizwick Transfall was busy hacking away within the server room, dealing with any electronic security within the estate. Lastly Auk “Osha” Mordeka and Kainan Stormblade broke into the vault to steal the object in question.
Upon their arrival however, they find the vault empty. Not only was the target stolen but the whole vault empty. As the two exited the vault sounds of distant gunfire filled the spaces of the room. As the war cry of raging Orc ended abruptly Kainen and Osha ran for the back door they passed by the server room to warn Fizwick. Who surprisingly was not there, nor was any of his stuff, it was as if he had taken the time to pack it all way, not something he would have done if he was in a hurry to escape the Police.
Reaching the back door the duo bust through only to find over 30 heavily armed ISPD agents pointing their assault blasters at them, and a hover-tank. Deciding to surrender instead of be shot in the street like dogs. The duo were arrested, charged with murder, theft, hacking, and resisting arrest. Their sentence was life imprisonment at the infmous Grey-Rock Maximum Penitentiary.


Sikenzero Sikenzero

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