The Fall Guys

Resupply, The Hacker, The Favor

Chapter 2

The Duo make their way into Cloud9 and are eventually led back to one of the backrooms that appears to be more of an apartment that an office.
The learn that the Andronikos that they know is actually Tasha, a Doppel, and the real Andronikos’ sister-in-law.
Learning ahead of time of the set-up Tasha had volunteered to be arrested in his stead so that he could discover the culprits of the betrayal.
While not much closer than the day he started he has had a hacker contact of his searching for more information.
He instructs the duo to retrieve the hacker as their has been some complications in the Hacker’s Security.
He also requests that they travel up to “The Shop” to discuss a favor from Paku, one of the Syndicates’ many over-bosses, to see if he could release Andronikos’ ships from holding.
After a trip to the Bazaar the boys make their way up to “The Shop,” encountering a young and relationship troubled young receptionist.
Following her instructions down gilded hallways the boys reach a large set of double doors tended by an Oruk. Who then leads them through a large waiting room into an equaly large and lavish office.
Sitting behind a large Darkwood desk sits this almost comically small face, compared to the size of the desk.
He explains that if they do him the favor of delivering a message to someone on Endragar he would have Andronikos’ ship released from holding.
Handing them a cylindrical silver tube covered in an odd unknown script, with the instruction that it must be delivered and that it must be unopened.
After promising Paku to complete the job, the duo complete a few last minute errands before meeting back with Andronikos.
Informing them that his brother Demetrios was going to be joining them he sends them on their way.
Having a pass through the permanent teleport portals Demetrios leads the group to the arid desert world of Ambrant.
After a bit of walking through the hot streets of the city they finally arrive at the apartment block that Andronikos had given as the address for the safe house.
Staying at the door Demetrios sends the duo up to retrieve the hacker.
After a brief interchange between Osha, Kainan and Dresden, that could have gone badly.
The newly formed trio start to head out when Demetrios’ raven comes flying up the stairs squawking “TROUBLE!”
Running to the lobby they find Demetrios hacking down thugs in a hail of laser fire.
After handily dispatching the thugs, Dresden threatens the surviving thug with Osha’s newly required Gyro-boom pistol.
Learning that the thugs were under the employ of a one Braxton Matthews, and were sent to acquire the package the group was given by Paku.
After locating and “borrowing” a van the group hops on the Long Road and heads to the portal to Endragar.
Entering into the lush water world of Endragar they head to the nearest port to rent a transport
Arriving at the location given, the group discovers a party in full swing, and the host is none other than Baku, twin brother to Paku.
Baku takes the package runs into the house and returns with another, offering 50k credits to return this new package to his brother.
After being escorted out of the mansion back toward their ride to the mainland. Krask, Baku’s lieutenant, threatens to kill them if they do not give him the package.
The heated argument is interrupted by the distant sounds of sirens.

  • Notable NPC’s *
    • Jason Sillwater
      • Still wanting to go back to his home, Osha convinces him to give working for Marcona a shot. The youth gleefully accepts to working in the largest storeroom and warehouse he has ever seen.
    • Tasha
      • Is discovered to have been disguised as Andronikos all this time.
    • Zasha
      • Owner of the Cloud9 Lounge and Husband to Andronikos.
    • Paku and Baku
      • Identical Gnome twins of some advanced age, One an overboss in the Syndicate, the other retired to a life of luxury and Excess on Endragar
    • Demetrios
      • Brother of Andronikos, covered in Spellware and cybernetics. He wields a giant curved two-handed blade, and seem to have a Raven Familiar.
    • Alexandra
      • Young secretary that works in the Shop. Seems to have relationship issues.


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