The Fall Guys

The Attempted Assassination, Escaping Mirandor, Arriving at the Spire

Chapter 1

Contacting Elarra the duo inform her of their success, She however demands proof of life.
Returning to “Elarra’s” the duo find the vehicle depot attendant had been run through with what appeared to be a long sword.
Finding that the brothel has been invaded by the Royal Marshall service they manage to sneak up to Elarra’s personal room.
Finding a hidden safe, using Kainan Stormblade‘s birthday as the code, they find a data-chip with a set of coordinates as the only information.
Deducing that Elarra followed through with her promise the two attempt to sneak out of the building.
Just before they try to exit the building they decide to wait until the RMS leaves.
After a minute or so, A heavily armored female paladin commander enters the building, followed by the one and only Jost.
Jost and the Paladin converse, speaking of “Carriers,” certain individuals that carry the location of The Spire.
Jost proves to not be a traitor to the Syndicate, but and undercover agent for the RMS.
After the RMS leaves, the duo return to the spaceport so they can escape the planet.
Finding that the planet has been locked down due to the attempted assassination, they also discover that the the overseer did not die, but was instead severely injured in the attack and is being taken off-world for medical care.
Sleeping inside the shuttle the two have a decent evening, Osha orders fresh food from the local market for breakfast.
Later that day the no-fly is lifted from the planet and the two take off to head to The Spire
Returning to the Transport, they find the bridge to have a very strong smell of roasted pork. Only to discover that Andronikos had incinerated one of the captured transport crew, who had attempted mutiny.
With the Spire’s Location in hand, the crew spent the next several days plotting the course and programming the starcaster.
Upon arrival to The Spire, the greeting was businesslike and brief Mercurio and his assistants meet the group at the docking bay, explained the rules of the station and let the free to explore.
Andronikos informed the duo that when they were ready to go to the Night and Day Tavern, and tell the bartender that they “would like to be in the clouds”.
With that he left the group to their devices. Leaving Cook and Jason on board the duo traveled up to the Bazaar.
The met with Marcona who they sold the mundane cargo from the transport, Who then suggested Stronginthearm’s to sell their more military goods.
After selling their acquired arms and Armour, the group perused the shop, ordered a few items, with the promise for more.
With a tip from Olaf Stronginthearm they sold the ship to a quirky gnome who happened to be Stronginthearm’s brother in law.
Selling the ship for a cool 4.2 million credits the boys decide that they are ready to visit Andronikos.

Notable NPC’S

  • The Royal Marshall Commander
    • A beutiful human female Paladin of the Royal Marshall Service who is in search of The Spire.
  • Mercurio
    • The Security Commander of The Spire, a Red Half-Dragon
  • Olaf Stronginthearm
    • Owner of Stronginthearm’s A weapons and Armour Manufacturer and Merchant in the Bazaar on the Spire.
  • Marcona
    • Commodities Dealer Extraordinaire, Deals with all forms items sold and traded on the Station.


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