The Fall Guys

The Escape

Chapter 1

A small encounter in the shop between “Osha” and an Orc Thug ends with the Orc singing Soprano for the rest of his life. At the same time Kainan Stormblade gains a bit of respect by intimidating a fellow inmate.
An explosion rocks the prison. Chaos ensues.
The prisoners take over half of the prison, leaving the guards stuck in their half.
With Clem’s help the duo are able to sneak into the guard’s section and convince the security officer that they can help.
Sneaking past the prisoners the duo find a mercenary of unknown markings dead within the mess hall.
Making it upstairs they find a forgotten Half-Dragon languaishing in the holding cells.
Releasing Andronikos from his cell, the now trio head to administration area where they discover a skirmish occurred and learn the truth about what happened to the Prison.
Learning that there was a mercenary group that bombed the shuttle and landing bays then assaulted the prison itself, they rescued a Half-Red/Half-Black Half-dragon.
The Dinging of an incoming supply ship sounds through the halls.

Notable People

  • Celmentine “Clem”
  • Andronikos
    • A Half-Dragon of Brass Lineage.
  • The Rescued Prisoner
    • The Prisoner that the Mercenary group assaulted the prison to rescue. He appears to be of both Red and Black Draconian heritage. Who is this mystery Half-Dragon


Sikenzero Sikenzero

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