The Fall Guys

The Escape, Part 2 & Mirandor

Chapter 1

Convincing the Transport that the prison is under siege and needs help, a small contingent of Imperial Legionnaires come on to the station.
Taking them by surprise the group is able to quickly subdue the Legionaries.
Making their way on board the transport they quickly took out the rest of the crew and captured the ship.
Andronikos Explains that they need to go to The Spire as it has his accounts and will be a safe haven for them.
However the station can teleport, and is never in the same place for long. In order to find it’s location they will need to contact Elarra. A Drow female who runs a bar and bordello on the Planet of Mirandor.
After several jumps they finally arrive on Mirandor where Auk “Osha” Mordeka and Kainan Stormblade take the shuttle to the surface.
After securing a ride through the wilderness the duo come to a small outpost where they Find “Elarra’s” a small bar in the middle of nowhere.
After meeting Elarra, she agrees to give them the information in exchange for removing the Current Imperial Overseer from the planet.
Kainan “Spends” the evening with Elarra, while Osha secures some “BOOMS” from Jost, the bartender.
That night they stay in one of the rooms at Elarra’s. They wake up to find nothing missing, but something added.
Hidden within Osha’s datapad is a small chip of unknown origin and make.
Removing the chip from his datapad, they hang on to it just in case it might come in handy later.
Osha gets his “BOOMS” from Jost, then asks for a something a little different.
The Duo do a little research on the Imperial Compound and decide how they want to accomplish their task.
Osha’s new “BOOMS” come in, a Hell-fire Missile.
Meeting with Gizmon a male gnome who claims to work for Imperial Supply, Osha takes the missile and hides behind the bar, hoping to use it as a bargaining chip if their deal with Elarra goes south.
They get some Imperial Maintenance Uniforms from Elarra and requisition a transport from the local Vehicle Depot.
Arriving at the Compound they hatch a plan to sneak into disguised as maintenance to repair a malfunctioning autodoc.
They basically walk into the compound un-accosted, they repair the the autodoc and add a new feature, 2#‘s of Military Grade C4.
Remotely piloting the Autodoc Osha guides the bot throughout the Habitual sections of the building looking for the Overseer.
Eventually locating him his office after bothering several other officers in the building who had informed security.
Getting stopped by security at the elevator section the little bot attacks one of the security guards with a laser scalpel.
With determination. Osha guides the bot to the overseer’s office while the security guard tries in vain to stop it.
Eventually disabling the bots movement tracks. Osha detonates the Explosives just outside the Overseer’s office praying that it would be enough to end the overseer’s life career.

Important NPC’s

  • Cook
    • The strange Goblin Cook living on the transport. He appears to love to cook, and is quite good at it.
  • Jason Sillwater
    • Young nervous cargo specialist found on the transport.
  • Elarra
    • Owner of the “Elarra’s” A brothel and Eatery. Elarra is also a member of the Black Hole Syndicate and has information on The Spire
  • Jost
    • Bartender at “Elarra’s,” and her requisitions officer.
  • Gizmon
    • Claiming to work for Imperial Supply, this gnome works for the Syndicate in item Supply.


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