Alleah Bravedance

The Grifter


A specimen of pure beauty, Alleah was tall lithe and graceful. He personality as beautiful as her form. Alleah could con the clothes off your back all the while convincing you to purchase one of the Throne-worlds.


Hailing from the Copper Throne-world of Maneer Alleah grew up wealthy and privileged. This life bored her, she tried to become an actress but never quite got the popularity that she wanted (because she was a terrible actress). What she did learn to do was to talk to people and be a con woman. Leaving her home-world to see other places and things, she set of earning money as she went by swindling out of poor unsuspecting victims.
In time she came to do the occasional job for the Syndicate, aside from her own personal jobs. She was a grifter more for the fun of it than the money that it brought her.
She met her untimely death while on the Drabek Job. He body found next to several private security guards within the estate.

Alleah Bravedance

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