Auk "Osha" Mordeka

The BOOM-Maker


1/2-Orc. 1/4-Dragon, 1/4-Human, All BOOM!

Ex-Military Demolitions Experts and Legionnaire. Adept at adapting to his environment.

Turned hard-nosed criminal with a chip on his shoulder the size of a Dreadnaught class destroyer.

Member of the Black Hole Syndicate, his work goes to the highest bidder, unless it will weaken the Legion or the Empire. Then he might even do it for free.


Auk Mordeka was born to Rex Mordeka and Dove Auchin, with something of a twisted lineage. His father had been the result of a Mazzorgrim experiment to create a perfect soldier of Dragon Blood and Orc ferocity. Certainly not willing to use their own gene pool for abominations, they relied on the Orange Clans to provide a suitable- read dispensable- source. The failed result was Rex Mordeka who by the time of adulthood had shown a great gift for war, but his Dragon side continued to keep him from insubordination. By the time they had concluded Rex should be eliminated, he had found a wife and was soon to be a father.

Dove Auchin, on the other hand, was the result of an all too common aggression and oppression story. She was the daughter of a human woman and an Orc Warrior father. Having killed her own mother through childbirth- something that still haunts her- Dove was reared by human relatives who tried to make the best of the situation. She was, however, very much an outcast. Upon reaching an age which would allow her to seek out her Orc heritage, she found herself just as much an outcast among the Orcs as among the humans, until she met Rex Mordeka and was charmed by his brazen confidence, and strength despite his own disadvantage culturally.

Upon realizing that his time would soon come to an end, Rex and Dove fled with the meager funds they had, and found themselves on Inferno V, able to cloister themselves in a small community of misfits and outcasts, relatively obscured. But, soon the ISPD came and found them, and with great conflict, Rex was dispatched. It was initially their intention to dispatch of Dove and the unborn child as well, but last minute instructions were given to let things be, in the hopes that this would be a new experiment to watch and perhaps gain advantage from. And thus… Auk was born.

Unknowingly watched from afar, Auk grew up in this low-income community often getting into trouble, and often having to deal with his unique heritage. As time wetn by, his delinquency became more of a problem, until he was finally brought up on charges of destruction of government property. From an early age, Auk had liked to “blow things up.” But his folly had come to a head. Per the directions of the Mazzorgrim scientists, via the legal system of the Orange Clans, the local government gave Auk a choice: be exiled and condemned to The Rim, or join the Legion. The choice was obvious.

And so, Auk Mordeka began his career as a Legionnaire, quickly learning discipline and duty… and demolitions. Already quite skilled and adept at “blowing things up”, the Legion became an excellent outlet for Auk’s special brand of aggression. Within a few short cycles, he had been promoted to an E4, and looking at a possible career as a Sargeant. And then “Firefall” happened.

During a military incursion against a rebellious base of operations at the city of Firefall within Mazzorgrim territory, Corporal Mordeka was ordered to blow up a fuel cell facility by his superior officer, Captain Dracus Scaleforth. Following orders, the depot was blown. Comrades noted afterwards that if he continued to build such elaborate demolitions, he would bring OSHA down upon them. And thus the nickname “OSHA” was born. It quickly became apparent within weeks, however, that Captain Scaleforth, himself was a member of the small rebellious group, and that destruction of the Firefall Fuel Depot was a blow to Mazzorgrim forces. Captain Scaleforth was arrested and summarily executed (as far as anyone knows) for treason. Thinking he was in the clear for following orders, Corporal Auk Mordeka found himself up on Court-Martial charges himself, for aiding & abetting the enemy.

While the proceedings were heated and twisted, in the end, Auk was convicted of “failure to perform his duties honorably as a Legionnaire” and sentenced to 2 years hard labor in a Military Prison on Inferno II.

Upon being released, and now dishonorably discharged with no source of funds, he returned to his home of Inferno V and took up with his mother again. But, with limited skills, it was not long before he was falling back into his old criminal ways. Disgusted with how he had been treated by the Legion, and mad at the Universe, he went looking for ways to use his skills to be a thorn in the side of the Empire. This is when he found “The Black Hole Syndicate”. Within time, he had become a somewhat respected demolitions man for the biggest criminal enterprise in the Cluster. With steady work from his unnamed handler, and cash to spend, Auk was living life large until the betrayal that put him where he is now: once again behind bars, the scapegoat for a bigger plan. With escape on the horizon, Auk now realizes that it is time to stop letting things happen… and make things happen.

Auk "Osha" Mordeka

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