Burleigh and Stronging Arm

Weapons and Armour Dealers Extraordinaire


Selling the finest weapons and armour that can be purchased on the The Spire. Ranging from the simplest forms of death dealing (dagger) to the most advanced forms of long range life destruction. Burleigh and Stronginthearm is the Place to go for all your homicidal needs.


Olaf Stronginthearm started like many merchants in The Spire did, small and poor. Like the Phoenix he and his family rose through the ashes to a place of respect and wealth. The Stronginthearm family has been mastercrafting weapons for generations and this talent shows in their work. Selling some of the finest crafted Arms and Armour in the whole of the Dragon Empire, their work is second to none.

Recently Stronginthearm partnered with Maxwell Burleigh’s Close Quarters Combat to form the new Burleigh & Stronginthearm’s Arms and Armour Headquarters.

Burleigh and Stronging Arm

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