Celmentine "Clem"

The Not All There Druid


A very plain looking half-elf. Usually seen wearing simply clothes made from basic fibers and plain colors. The only unique look to the man is a “not-all-there” look on his face.


Hailing from the backwater agriculturler world of Claenden, Clem was raised in the druidic arts and taught to love nature in all forms. Named in the manner of all his people, after fruits and vegetables. While capable of complete control of the plants of his world, he sadly was never able to grasp basic math or simple concepts, many times forgetting the names of the very plants that he was bending to his will.
Angered at the Empire’s less than caring attitude over the treatment of the land, Clem’s circle decided to do something about it. Using a ritual, the circle magically grew giant trees from underneath the Imperial complex, killing everyone inside.
Their actions did not have the effect the Druidic Circle wished it to have instead they were sentenced to life in prison for his crimes against the Empire

Celmentine "Clem"

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