Krusk Facebreaker

The Thug


In life Krusk was a big ugly bruiser. He resembled most of the rest of his race and was quite unremarkable.
In death he appeared much the same but this time covered in blaster burns.


Krusk was born and raised in an alley on the Hive world of Shethran. Abused and hated by his father and mother, Krusk ran away from home at an early age. Using his size and strength to bully and beat others for survival, he learned quickly that the easiest way to get what he wanted was to hit someone as hard as he could until he got it. His activity got him noticed by the Syndicate and he was quickly signed on to do protection rackets and thug work for their schemes.
Sadly Krusk Facebreaker met his end during the Drabek job, when he tried to take on 30 heavlliy armed ISPD agents

Krusk Facebreaker

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