The Fall Guys

Julian and The Ronin.
Chapter 2

We return to find the party landing back at the sky port after having dodged both the Imperial Police and the RMS.
After paying and genoursly tipping the pilot of the transport, the party piles back into their re-appropriated van to head back into Ambrant on the Long Road.
Noticing that there are now ISPD road blocks and check points everywhere the party sees smoke coming from what used to be the Safe house that they picked up Dresden from.
They make their way to the portal room without complications, where Osha and Kainan decided to wait while Dresden and Demetrios drops off the van from where they acquired it earlier that day.
After a short jaunt in the desert heat the Half-Dragon and Drow make it back to the others and hop into the portal.
Arriving back at The Spire the group splits up, Demetrios heads back up to see his brother, while the other three head back up to “The Shop” to deliver Baku’s package to his brother, who has promised to release Andronikos’ vessel from holding.
Running into a tearful and upset Alexandra in the reception area the party consoles her (Dresden attempts to seduce her with the help of some Suggestion), and tells her of Jason down in the warehouses who might need a new friend in his new world.
When returning to Paku, they find a female Air Elem waiting for a meeting with the over-boss.
Paku seems a bit upset at the loss of his game against his brother, but none the less agrees to hold to his bargain and release the Ronin.
Warning Paku of the threat that his lieutenant poses he brushes them off say that the women had already been dealt with.
The group returns to Zasha’s apartment in Cloud9 to meet with Andronikos’ and tell him of his ships release.
While there Kainan had some packages waiting that turned out to be some gifts for Osha.
They also discovered that now that the ship is returned it needs its engineer, Julian. More unfortunate however they discover that the ships starcaster has been taken in “Payment” for keeping it in holding.
Informed that he can be found within access tunnels of The Spire the party heads off into the tunnels.
After a few hours and a peaceful encounter with the local Goblin population the party stops in one of the many tunnel nexus points to test a theory.
Osha believes that if he damages the systems in the area that Julian might come and fix it. After tampering with an access panel with no apparent success, Demetrios slices them into pieces with his retractable blades, effectively cutting the panel into pieces.
Sitting in the lightless tunnels for what seemed like hours, hearing who knows what travel in nearby tunnels, a small bluish glow begins to appear in a an opening in the roof of the nexus.
Slowly floating down from the access hatch the slightly glowing skeletal form of Julian the Eleti appears to not take too much notice of the party and heads right for the access panel.
After introducing themselves and discovering who the Eletum is they inform him that Andronikos would like him to come back to the Ronin to serve as its engineer, an offer to which Julian seems if at all possible, excited to undertake.
Promising to meet them in one hour he sends the party off, but Osha decides to stay behind for a bit to watch the master at work.
Discovering that the tips of his bone fingers have been carved into the shapes of little tools Osha marvels and how quick and effectively the “Man” does his work.
While waiting for the Hour to be up, most everyone travels to the bazaar to acquire a few new items, Kainan spends his time looking for a cheap starcaster or two.
Meeting Julian at the same access hatch that they entered the tunnels in the first place, He joins them as they travel back to meet with Andronikos.
Arriving at the apartment the group discovers that Andronikos and the Doppel Twins are currently in the middle of, “Something.” Osha leaves to wait elsewhere.
Coming down barely clothed the twins retire to the kitchen to make themselves a drink, While Nikos comes down fully dressed and armed.
Demetrios and his brother head off to check out the ship while the group and Julian head off to visit Zento the slightly off Ship Merchant.
Zento practically pees himself in excitement after discovering the one and only Julian has come into his shop.
Giving a tour of his stock and warehouse Julian causally remarks that the strange cylindrical object in his inventory happens to be a rare “Astral Drive”
Mumbling something about set for life and possibly drooling, Zento heads off to start caressing the “Astral Drive.”
The party easily convinces him to sell them a Starcaster made by Julian himself for the low price of 1 Million Credits, and to have it delivered and installed in the Ronin.
Finally getting on board the ship they have worked so hard to free, the group discovers the true value of the ship.
With an expensive interior and features that are usually only found on larger vessels, the ship is work of art.
Dresden checks out the ships programming, learning that it is expertly written, reducing thousands of lines of code to just a handful.
Kainan checks out the ship and Osha discusses Julian with Andronikos.

Notable NPC’S

  • Alexandra
    • After finding out her significant other has cheated on her she has broken up with them in a fit of anger and hurt. The party persuades her to go speak to Jay, to help him become acquainted to his new home
  • Paku
    • Angry over the loss of his game with his brother, tries to convince the party to deliver another “package” For him. He does agree to release the ship for services rendered.
  • Jannos
    • The always faithful Oruk stands guard into Paku’s chamber, he seems to have taken a liking to the party.
  • Zento
    • Returning to the crazy Vehicle merchant the party purchases a starcaster from the merchant, after enlightening him on the status of an item in his stock.
  • Julian
    • Picked up while working in the access tunnels of The Spire, this unknowingly old Eletum, appears to be a master mechanist have built The Ronin from nothing.
  • Braxton Matthews
    • Once Paku’s main lieutenant, this female human attempted to steal from Paku and was caught and paid with her life.
Resupply, The Hacker, The Favor
Chapter 2

The Duo make their way into Cloud9 and are eventually led back to one of the backrooms that appears to be more of an apartment that an office.
The learn that the Andronikos that they know is actually Tasha, a Doppel, and the real Andronikos’ sister-in-law.
Learning ahead of time of the set-up Tasha had volunteered to be arrested in his stead so that he could discover the culprits of the betrayal.
While not much closer than the day he started he has had a hacker contact of his searching for more information.
He instructs the duo to retrieve the hacker as their has been some complications in the Hacker’s Security.
He also requests that they travel up to “The Shop” to discuss a favor from Paku, one of the Syndicates’ many over-bosses, to see if he could release Andronikos’ ships from holding.
After a trip to the Bazaar the boys make their way up to “The Shop,” encountering a young and relationship troubled young receptionist.
Following her instructions down gilded hallways the boys reach a large set of double doors tended by an Oruk. Who then leads them through a large waiting room into an equaly large and lavish office.
Sitting behind a large Darkwood desk sits this almost comically small face, compared to the size of the desk.
He explains that if they do him the favor of delivering a message to someone on Endragar he would have Andronikos’ ship released from holding.
Handing them a cylindrical silver tube covered in an odd unknown script, with the instruction that it must be delivered and that it must be unopened.
After promising Paku to complete the job, the duo complete a few last minute errands before meeting back with Andronikos.
Informing them that his brother Demetrios was going to be joining them he sends them on their way.
Having a pass through the permanent teleport portals Demetrios leads the group to the arid desert world of Ambrant.
After a bit of walking through the hot streets of the city they finally arrive at the apartment block that Andronikos had given as the address for the safe house.
Staying at the door Demetrios sends the duo up to retrieve the hacker.
After a brief interchange between Osha, Kainan and Dresden, that could have gone badly.
The newly formed trio start to head out when Demetrios’ raven comes flying up the stairs squawking “TROUBLE!”
Running to the lobby they find Demetrios hacking down thugs in a hail of laser fire.
After handily dispatching the thugs, Dresden threatens the surviving thug with Osha’s newly required Gyro-boom pistol.
Learning that the thugs were under the employ of a one Braxton Matthews, and were sent to acquire the package the group was given by Paku.
After locating and “borrowing” a van the group hops on the Long Road and heads to the portal to Endragar.
Entering into the lush water world of Endragar they head to the nearest port to rent a transport
Arriving at the location given, the group discovers a party in full swing, and the host is none other than Baku, twin brother to Paku.
Baku takes the package runs into the house and returns with another, offering 50k credits to return this new package to his brother.
After being escorted out of the mansion back toward their ride to the mainland. Krask, Baku’s lieutenant, threatens to kill them if they do not give him the package.
The heated argument is interrupted by the distant sounds of sirens.

  • Notable NPC’s *
    • Jason Sillwater
      • Still wanting to go back to his home, Osha convinces him to give working for Marcona a shot. The youth gleefully accepts to working in the largest storeroom and warehouse he has ever seen.
    • Tasha
      • Is discovered to have been disguised as Andronikos all this time.
    • Zasha
      • Owner of the Cloud9 Lounge and Husband to Andronikos.
    • Paku and Baku
      • Identical Gnome twins of some advanced age, One an overboss in the Syndicate, the other retired to a life of luxury and Excess on Endragar
    • Demetrios
      • Brother of Andronikos, covered in Spellware and cybernetics. He wields a giant curved two-handed blade, and seem to have a Raven Familiar.
    • Alexandra
      • Young secretary that works in the Shop. Seems to have relationship issues.
The Attempted Assassination, Escaping Mirandor, Arriving at the Spire
Chapter 1

Contacting Elarra the duo inform her of their success, She however demands proof of life.
Returning to “Elarra’s” the duo find the vehicle depot attendant had been run through with what appeared to be a long sword.
Finding that the brothel has been invaded by the Royal Marshall service they manage to sneak up to Elarra’s personal room.
Finding a hidden safe, using Kainan Stormblade‘s birthday as the code, they find a data-chip with a set of coordinates as the only information.
Deducing that Elarra followed through with her promise the two attempt to sneak out of the building.
Just before they try to exit the building they decide to wait until the RMS leaves.
After a minute or so, A heavily armored female paladin commander enters the building, followed by the one and only Jost.
Jost and the Paladin converse, speaking of “Carriers,” certain individuals that carry the location of The Spire.
Jost proves to not be a traitor to the Syndicate, but and undercover agent for the RMS.
After the RMS leaves, the duo return to the spaceport so they can escape the planet.
Finding that the planet has been locked down due to the attempted assassination, they also discover that the the overseer did not die, but was instead severely injured in the attack and is being taken off-world for medical care.
Sleeping inside the shuttle the two have a decent evening, Osha orders fresh food from the local market for breakfast.
Later that day the no-fly is lifted from the planet and the two take off to head to The Spire
Returning to the Transport, they find the bridge to have a very strong smell of roasted pork. Only to discover that Andronikos had incinerated one of the captured transport crew, who had attempted mutiny.
With the Spire’s Location in hand, the crew spent the next several days plotting the course and programming the starcaster.
Upon arrival to The Spire, the greeting was businesslike and brief Mercurio and his assistants meet the group at the docking bay, explained the rules of the station and let the free to explore.
Andronikos informed the duo that when they were ready to go to the Night and Day Tavern, and tell the bartender that they “would like to be in the clouds”.
With that he left the group to their devices. Leaving Cook and Jason on board the duo traveled up to the Bazaar.
The met with Marcona who they sold the mundane cargo from the transport, Who then suggested Stronginthearm’s to sell their more military goods.
After selling their acquired arms and Armour, the group perused the shop, ordered a few items, with the promise for more.
With a tip from Olaf Stronginthearm they sold the ship to a quirky gnome who happened to be Stronginthearm’s brother in law.
Selling the ship for a cool 4.2 million credits the boys decide that they are ready to visit Andronikos.

Notable NPC’S

  • The Royal Marshall Commander
    • A beutiful human female Paladin of the Royal Marshall Service who is in search of The Spire.
  • Mercurio
    • The Security Commander of The Spire, a Red Half-Dragon
  • Olaf Stronginthearm
    • Owner of Stronginthearm’s A weapons and Armour Manufacturer and Merchant in the Bazaar on the Spire.
  • Marcona
    • Commodities Dealer Extraordinaire, Deals with all forms items sold and traded on the Station.
The Escape, Part 2 & Mirandor
Chapter 1

Convincing the Transport that the prison is under siege and needs help, a small contingent of Imperial Legionnaires come on to the station.
Taking them by surprise the group is able to quickly subdue the Legionaries.
Making their way on board the transport they quickly took out the rest of the crew and captured the ship.
Andronikos Explains that they need to go to The Spire as it has his accounts and will be a safe haven for them.
However the station can teleport, and is never in the same place for long. In order to find it’s location they will need to contact Elarra. A Drow female who runs a bar and bordello on the Planet of Mirandor.
After several jumps they finally arrive on Mirandor where Auk “Osha” Mordeka and Kainan Stormblade take the shuttle to the surface.
After securing a ride through the wilderness the duo come to a small outpost where they Find “Elarra’s” a small bar in the middle of nowhere.
After meeting Elarra, she agrees to give them the information in exchange for removing the Current Imperial Overseer from the planet.
Kainan “Spends” the evening with Elarra, while Osha secures some “BOOMS” from Jost, the bartender.
That night they stay in one of the rooms at Elarra’s. They wake up to find nothing missing, but something added.
Hidden within Osha’s datapad is a small chip of unknown origin and make.
Removing the chip from his datapad, they hang on to it just in case it might come in handy later.
Osha gets his “BOOMS” from Jost, then asks for a something a little different.
The Duo do a little research on the Imperial Compound and decide how they want to accomplish their task.
Osha’s new “BOOMS” come in, a Hell-fire Missile.
Meeting with Gizmon a male gnome who claims to work for Imperial Supply, Osha takes the missile and hides behind the bar, hoping to use it as a bargaining chip if their deal with Elarra goes south.
They get some Imperial Maintenance Uniforms from Elarra and requisition a transport from the local Vehicle Depot.
Arriving at the Compound they hatch a plan to sneak into disguised as maintenance to repair a malfunctioning autodoc.
They basically walk into the compound un-accosted, they repair the the autodoc and add a new feature, 2#‘s of Military Grade C4.
Remotely piloting the Autodoc Osha guides the bot throughout the Habitual sections of the building looking for the Overseer.
Eventually locating him his office after bothering several other officers in the building who had informed security.
Getting stopped by security at the elevator section the little bot attacks one of the security guards with a laser scalpel.
With determination. Osha guides the bot to the overseer’s office while the security guard tries in vain to stop it.
Eventually disabling the bots movement tracks. Osha detonates the Explosives just outside the Overseer’s office praying that it would be enough to end the overseer’s life career.

Important NPC’s

  • Cook
    • The strange Goblin Cook living on the transport. He appears to love to cook, and is quite good at it.
  • Jason Sillwater
    • Young nervous cargo specialist found on the transport.
  • Elarra
    • Owner of the “Elarra’s” A brothel and Eatery. Elarra is also a member of the Black Hole Syndicate and has information on The Spire
  • Jost
    • Bartender at “Elarra’s,” and her requisitions officer.
  • Gizmon
    • Claiming to work for Imperial Supply, this gnome works for the Syndicate in item Supply.
The Escape
Chapter 1

A small encounter in the shop between “Osha” and an Orc Thug ends with the Orc singing Soprano for the rest of his life. At the same time Kainan Stormblade gains a bit of respect by intimidating a fellow inmate.
An explosion rocks the prison. Chaos ensues.
The prisoners take over half of the prison, leaving the guards stuck in their half.
With Clem’s help the duo are able to sneak into the guard’s section and convince the security officer that they can help.
Sneaking past the prisoners the duo find a mercenary of unknown markings dead within the mess hall.
Making it upstairs they find a forgotten Half-Dragon languaishing in the holding cells.
Releasing Andronikos from his cell, the now trio head to administration area where they discover a skirmish occurred and learn the truth about what happened to the Prison.
Learning that there was a mercenary group that bombed the shuttle and landing bays then assaulted the prison itself, they rescued a Half-Red/Half-Black Half-dragon.
The Dinging of an incoming supply ship sounds through the halls.

Notable People

  • Celmentine “Clem”
  • Andronikos
    • A Half-Dragon of Brass Lineage.
  • The Rescued Prisoner
    • The Prisoner that the Mercenary group assaulted the prison to rescue. He appears to be of both Red and Black Draconian heritage. Who is this mystery Half-Dragon

The Drabek job was simple; get in, get out, nothing fancy, nothing special.
It was all going swimmingly, Krusk Facebreaker was watching the door in-case of sudden Imperial Police presence. Alleah Bravedance was keeping the hired security busy with her feminine wiles. While Alleah’s comm and cut out right in the middle of job, it was chalked up to electronic interference due to security measures in the other part of the building she was in. Fizwick Transfall was busy hacking away within the server room, dealing with any electronic security within the estate. Lastly Auk “Osha” Mordeka and Kainan Stormblade broke into the vault to steal the object in question.
Upon their arrival however, they find the vault empty. Not only was the target stolen but the whole vault empty. As the two exited the vault sounds of distant gunfire filled the spaces of the room. As the war cry of raging Orc ended abruptly Kainen and Osha ran for the back door they passed by the server room to warn Fizwick. Who surprisingly was not there, nor was any of his stuff, it was as if he had taken the time to pack it all way, not something he would have done if he was in a hurry to escape the Police.
Reaching the back door the duo bust through only to find over 30 heavily armed ISPD agents pointing their assault blasters at them, and a hover-tank. Deciding to surrender instead of be shot in the street like dogs. The duo were arrested, charged with murder, theft, hacking, and resisting arrest. Their sentence was life imprisonment at the infmous Grey-Rock Maximum Penitentiary.


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