The Spire

Built years ago by the Black Hole Syndicate to serve as trade point for all forms of illicit activity. Ruled over by a group of Syndicate Bosses The Spire has amassed a great deal of wealth since its creation, and is known as the only place in the whole of the empire that anything can be purchased or sold.
One would think that Imperial Law or the more Recent ISPD would do something to stop such a large thorn in their side, and the have. For years Imperial Law Enforcement have tried to stop or even destroy the station but have failed to even dent the station. This is primarily because the defense system of the Station, It can teleport. Using Starcasters The Spire can escape anything law enforcement that attempts to stop them.

  1. Locations
    • Day and Night
      • Considered to be the most popular tavern in the whole of the Empire, Day and Night is said to serve the best drinks and food found anywhere. It’s walls are decorated with trophies and knickknacks recovered from traders and explorers from countless world; Anything from archaic weapons, hand drawn maps to Goblin tribal masks and other souvenirs. Deep within the back area of the tavern a small door leads to Cloud 9, a dimly lit smokey lounge bar.
    • Command
      • All of the stations major systems, including communications and life support are controlled from the this sector. An operator at any terminal on the bridge and unlock, lock, open, or close any door in the entire station remotely, as well as monitor the station through one of the many closed circuit camera throughout the facility. Access to this area is severally restricted.
    • The Hub
      • The largest and most important part of the entire station, The Hub is essentially a giant market. While walking through the Hub one can find merchants selling all kinds of goods from all across the empire, you could sell your illicit goods to the syndicates many Fences that operate within The Spire. Found deep within the many market stalls: a Church of the Merchant spreads the good word of fortune to anyone that will listen.
    • The Clinic
      • This good size and largely free medical center caters to nearly anyone who walks through its doors. Most illness and injuries are treated free of charge, while more severe injuries or illness do require some form of payment. The clinic can treat all types of medical needs and has many specialist that can install both Spellware, and Divine Spellware.
    • Engineering
      • Located within the central part of the lowest section it is filled with the tools and machines necessary to keep the station in top working order. Access to the station is accessible to authorized personnel only.
    • Docking
      • There are several docking stations located in each sector of the station. These bays are situated at regular intervals around the main section. Guided by Docking Control each spacecraft drifts slowly through the bay doors to line up at the one of the many bays. The docking bays for smaller ships are fully pressurized once the doors have been closed and sealed. The Massive bays designed for the largest of ships are rarely pressurized, requiring the crew to either enter through an airlock or use oxygen. There is a large ship repair and maintance section within the docking structure that can nearly rebuild any ship that requires it, for a price that is. For an even larger fee there are several bays that are capable of building ships from scratch.
    • Habitation (A-J)
      • Habitation sections within the station can very from simple to vastly lavish. However, even the most simple apartments can be lavish compared to many places within the Empire.
    • The Shop
      • Commonly refereed to as “The Shop” this no named section of the station is home to the main part of the Black Hole Syndicates influence and prescese within the station.

  2. Notable People
    • Syndicate Governor
    • Station Commander
    • Securtiy Commander
    • Chief Engineer
    • Chief Medical Doctor
    • Tavern Keeper
    • Dockmaster

  3. Groups and Factions
    • The Black Hole Syndicate
    • The Inserrection
    • Imperial Society Of Magic
    • Church of the Merchant
    • Church of the Lover

The Spire

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